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Brilliant Family Dentistry offers urgent dental care in Denver, CO, when you need it most. Dental emergencies can happen at any time, and it is important you get treatment fast. Contact our team today to speak with an emergency dentist and get the support you need!

What Are Dental Emergencies?

A dental emergency can mean a variety of scenarios, but a traumatic injury requires a visit to a hospital emergency room. Ranging from a severe toothache to a major infection, dental emergencies take on many forms, but all require a sense of urgency. We treat many different types of dental emergencies, including:

  • Loose adult teeth: Children lose their baby teeth but eventually reach a point where their teeth should not fall out.
  • Jaw pain: You might experience jaw pain because of TMJ or TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder). While you can apply a cold compress to help with the pain, it is always wise to seek the assistance of a dental professional.
  • Tooth or mouth pain: Whether you have an infection or abscess, it’s crucial to treat tooth pain quickly.
  • Missing teeth: Having gaps between teeth for too long can lead to issues for the rest of the mouth. You may need an implant or bridge to resolve this problem.

You are likely to need an emergency dentist appointment if any of the above scenarios apply. If you have a knocked-out tooth, you still have a chance of saving it by putting in a cup of warm water or milk. We’ll do all we can to save a tooth that is in good condition and is happy to help.

Brilliant Family Dentistry’s Emergency Dental Care

At Brilliant Family Dentistry, we have an emergency dentist ready to help you. We will do everything we can to ensure you’re comfortable during your emergency visit. We’ll first examine your mouth, run an X-ray if necessary, and present our diagnosis.

If you have a root canal emergency, you’re in good hands with us. We can perform the emergency procedure to remove dental damage and restore the affected area. Your crown will blend in seamlessly.

Ways to Prevent Dental Emergencies

You can experience a dental emergency after an accident or injury, but it should receive fast follow-up care. Dental emergencies can happen after sports injuries, workplace accidents, or a long-term habit of poor oral health. While they can happen unexpectedly, you can take some preventative measures to help avoid them, such as:

  • Brush your teeth, floss, and use mouthwash at least twice a day.
  • Visit your dentist for checkups and cleaning twice annually.
  • Address any dental concerns as soon as possible with your dentist.
  • Be careful of foods that are difficult to eat or cause dental damage.
  • If you play sports, wear a mouthguard to prevent oral injuries.

Let Our Emergency Dentist Help You in Denver, CO!

At Brilliant Family Dentistry, we have an emergency dentist that is ready to help you in Denver, CO. If you’re experiencing any dental problems or are in pain, contact our office to schedule a fast appointment. Call us at 720 456-9050, so we can quickly help you with your dental emergency!

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Vernon James
Vernon James
April 12, 2023
The BEST dental office around. Staff is very friendly. The doctor is so kind and patient and really takes the time to answer all my questions. I highly recommend this office.
Jay Fazel
Jay Fazel
April 7, 2023
Hands down my best experience at a dental office. They were amazing. I felt like they really cared about me and were patient answering my questions. The doctor was very patient and informative. Happy to have found my new dental office!
April 6, 2023
New doctor is great. I was really confused by what was going on with the new name and staff that's why I left the negative review at first. I have a brain injury so I get confused alot. Staff is friendly. Atmosphere is nice.
Abel Thomas
Abel Thomas
December 28, 2022
I have been here multiple times having crowns put in,filling in areas with enamel corrosion ,cleaning and standard root canals, on my first visit I was depressed about my teeth humble state of affairs and didn't think much would be done with my insurance however at the end of the session I had my faith restored, total skill and professionalism, months later at the time of writing this , my teeth are no longer something iworry about! Also a very friendly and approachable staff not once did I feel any sharp pain or intolerable discomfort. Best dam dentist office I've ever been to.
Liridona Shabani
Liridona Shabani
June 30, 2022
Best experience I’ve had at a dentist’s office. They were very quick to take me back and start with my appointment. The work and care I received was outstanding!! Thank you, Jankee. You and your team are awesome!
Alex Kimbrell
Alex Kimbrell
June 8, 2022
Jankee and team A+++++!!! All the awesome people that work here are the friendliest people you will ever meet. Always do a great job, painless and comfortable. Why go anywhere else?

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